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Book Review: The Way Under our Feet - A Spirituality of Walking. By Graham B Usher

Monday 11th May 2020
Reviewer: David Gleed

My attention Instantly grabbed by the title, I was further delighted to find the text wonderfully light and very readable - just right for warm spring days in the 'lockdown' garden! The book moves effortlessly from one facet of walking to another - pilgrimage, the significance of the Emmaus walk, labyrinths and so on - carrying the reader on a journey that draws you towards the next page. Along the way there are some fascinating observations, some more unexpected than others - I was amazed to learn hip operations can be undertaken with the patient fully conscious and with the expectation that the patient is up and starting to be mobile later that day or early the next! Walking with our…

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Access to the Countryside after Lockdown Ends

Wednesday 29th April 2020
Christine Smith

As we all look forward to the end of the lockdown period thoughts turn to what the future might look like particularly when access to the countryside is so important. When it is safe we are keen to see all the paths that were closed re-open to walkers. Journeying leader, Christine Smith, has been taking a closer look and there are some concerns that not all paths will re-open even when the lockdown fully ends. In the article below she identifies which organisations in the UK are responsible for different types of paths and who we can speak to if we want to ensure access returns when restrictions have finally been lifted: "In the British countryside, we are living through unprecedented…

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Give Thanks

Saturday 25th April 2020
Janet Wilkes

At the end of a perfect day give thanks. For the warmth of the sun and the sound of The sea-shells shifting as each wave recedes Before another line of white spume is Lifted and dispersed 'long the cobbled beach. For harbour smells of lobster pots mingling With the tang each tide's seaweed brings from the Ocean, candy floss and ice cream parlours. For the spectacle of seagulls swooping To snatch food from the laps of astonished Visitors who, when their coaches leave, will Always say "It's been a wonderful day." So, as you go give thanks to God - give thanks - At the end of a perfect day - give thanks.

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Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Janet Wilkes

Lord, can we go back to where we belong To familiar scenes, likely places Whose auras remind us of places where We have felt safe, where we've been happy and Where, in whimsy, we'd like to go again? …

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Wild Wet Wasteland

Sunday 19th April 2020
Janet Wilkes

Beyond the wild wet wastead's thicket There was a garden, a river, flowers, grasses and fruit trees and a young Couple who took wing and flew away, Now, we need gardens more than ever To reflect, relax and recover, To return to paradise and to Be alone in Eden - to be home To think about our journeying and What caused the sudden expulsion from All we knew and about our returning to the old familiar place. Was it youth or ignorance or pride That led us, when young, so far away? Or were we just misadvised before We were wafted on sultry air to Hard places where God showed us what life Is like for many people - hungry, Dispossessed and alone - beyond the Eastern cherubim that guards Eden? Beyond that wild wet wasteland's thicket There…

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The Final Mile

Thursday 9th April 2020
Janet Wilkes

Here on earth Lord you carried a cross on which the whole world's sins were laid, but, in sight of Calvary you fell beneath the load on the dusty ground and Roman soldiers, having a job to do, seized a pilgrim and, in front of his sons, forced him to shoulder the cross and walk with you through noisy streets of frolicking festival goers leering, jeering and shouting insults as you walked the final mile. He didn't know you Lord but what he was doing for "the least of these my brethren", he did for you! (Janet has travelled on many Journeying adventures and has also served as a volunteer on Iona, with the Iona Community).

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Sounds of Silence in Spain

Monday 6th April 2020
Sue Peachey

As you will know from my previous blog my husband and I live in Almeria, Spain and as I write we have been told that the lockdown period to prevent the spread of coronavirus has been extended to the end of April. We are lucky enough to have a garden but others who live in apartments only have a balcony, which is very difficult for them as in Spain we are not allowed out for exercise as in the UK. However, if you have a dog you are allowed to walk it each day and luckily we have two, so we are a lot better off than some others. What I have noticed most when walking around the rural area in…

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Monday 30th March 2020
David Arkell

Darkness shrouds the single seed, Buried deep in earthy tomb; Life, it seems, has fled its course. Trustful wait meets every need, Nurtured in the Mother's womb; Transformation's gentle force. Roots embedded drink and feed, Movement up away from gloom; Gardener's soil of rich resource. Change which nothing can impede. Pushing forth from soft cocoon, Reaching up to Light's applause. Father's hoe to help succeed, Opening out in fruitful bloom, Fragrant grace uplifts, outpours. 25.iii.20 Inspired by a beautiful spring day, thoughts of isolation, and God's unlimited power to revive and renew. Jesus told them another parable: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and…

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Coronavirus Update

Thursday 19th March 2020
Iain Tweedale

We have been monitoring the situation very closely since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Our top priority is the safety of our guests, so in line with government policies in the Republic of Ireland and the UK we have postponed the following holidays: - Irish Camino Experience has moved to September 20th-25th - Mull, Iona and Staffa has moved to September 1st-8th - Brecon Beacons and Llangors Lake has moved to October 16th-19th - North Wales Odyssey - is moving to the Autumn with dates being confirmed shortly. We will continue to monitor the situation before moving any more of the journeys in the schedule and we will keep in touch with guests who have already booked on these in the meantime. If you have…

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"Thirty-one years a-travelling."

Saturday 15th February 2020
David Gleed

Saturday June 17th 1989 and a small group of pilgrims gather at a remote moorland chapel on the fringe of the Snowdon mountains. A little over a year from its founding the first Pilgrim Adventure pilgrims were about to set off along the pilgrim's way... Since then we have travelled to many of the most remote and seemingly inaccessible places of pilgrimage in the British Isles; shuddered and laughed together at some of the predicaments encountered along the way; and known the delight of discovering places where for centuries people have felt especially close to God - sacred places, places of pilgrimage. Along the way we changed the name from Pilgrim Adventure to Journeying and evolved a youth wing - Y journey.…

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