Our Community

Journeying has always been more than a tour company. Each of our volunteer journey leaders has discovered a deepened closeness to God through travel to remote, liminal places and it is this 'connecting on the edge' that we wish to share with others; it is our ministry of the outdoors.

People may arrive as customers but they leave as friends and many of these new friendships are for life often being revisited on a subsequent holiday. Our community of friends is virtual as well, through our newsletter and on Facebook. By becoming a Friend of Journeying you will be able to keep in touch with and contribute toward our thinking and planning. You will of course also receive regular updates.

If you want to receive the Journeying newsletter with updates and news please send us your name and email details (we won't use this for other purposes or forward it to any other organisations).

If you would like to become a Friend of Journeying to help us with our planning and to act as a sounding-board for new ideas, please submit your details below.