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Thursday 25th March 2021
David Arkell

Praise exultant, cheerful voice,
Souls uplifted swell, rejoice,
Keen to pave the season's way;
Winter knows he cannot stay.

Snowdrops gather in their throng
Bursting forth with merry song.
Daffodils in youthful zest
Flaunting halo effloresced.

Streams of living water quench
Wastelands with abundant drench.
Linger not on former things,
See the new leap up on wings1 -

Eagles soaring, graceful flights,2
Swooping down to novel sights;
Untapped well of full potential
Grounded in the reverential

View of His encircling strength,
Limitless in breadth and length;3
Pearls exceeding all conception,4
Blessings showered with affection.5

Freed from shackles holding fast,6
Gripped no longer by the past.
Through the desert forge a trail,7
King approaching - let us hail!

Vital Source of primal might,
Healing glow with gleaming white;
Rhythmic step in vibrant dance,
Rhapsody of vernal prance!

River's bounty, brimming delight,8
Darkness scattered, brilliant Light;9
Fountain feeding spirit's life,10
Nurturing like man and wife.

His the most compelling story,
Gracious gift of godly glory.
Hearts aroused and buoyed afresh,
Spring arrives in sparkling dress!

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