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Leading on the Trail… some personal reflections

Leading on the Trail... some personal reflections

Tuesday 15th June 2021
Ian Coward, Journeying Leader

It begins with ideas and inspiration to explore combined with the anticipation of new places and people to meet. The curiosity and excitement ensues as the planning begins. Maps and the internet become the first experience of the journey to see the reality take shape.

It's time to go! The arrival and first meeting of strangers. Often very polite but a sense of asking why are we all here. What have we brought to this time and place to reflect upon, recover from or take forward. A unique time where relationships are formed to prepare for deeper discussions to come.

The journey begins and slowly day by day a new rhythm becomes the norm. One of simplicity and consistency that just allows the mind to wander in the natural surroundings. Sometimes walking alone just listening to nature and your own thoughts or with others side by side, non-confrontational, just sharing each other's lives looking forward along the trail. Besides the group others join heading the same way. Wider stories to share of their journey and the days ahead ultimately all leading to the same destination. Rest and refreshment along the way become re-unions with this extended, international community of fellowship and common purpose.

The finish draws near with new insights. Much may have been shared and mixed emotions are replaced with new conclusions as a destination is reached. Farwell meals draw people to talk of their personal time on the trial in ways that no one could have foreseen at that first meeting of strangers. A special bond amongst one group of people that is a unique platform for new expression and hope. It is this that instils the enthusiasm for the next journey to continue to learn and grow.