Book: Walking to an Island by David Gleed


The story of Pilgrim Adventure and a personal account of travels to remote islands and holy places in Britain and Ireland (Second Edition) with photographs by Huw Riden


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Sunday 18th June and a small group gather at a remote moorland chapel on the fringe of the Snowdon mountains. A little over a year from its founding the first Pilgrim Adventure pilgrims were about to set off along the pilgrim's way...

Pilgrim Adventure was founded in 1988. "Since then," author David Gleed writes, "we have travelled to many of the most remote and seemingly inaccessible places of pilgrimage in the British Isles; shuddered and laughed together at some of the predicaments encountered along the way; and known the delight of discovering places where for centuries people have felt especially close to God - sacred places, places of pilgrimage."

In vignettes and story this book portrays eleven of these journeys. And in between the tales; a selection of prayers, reflections and photographs.

David Gleed has been a member of the Pilgrim Adventure team, now Journeying, from its earliest days, leading many pilgrim holidays in Britain and Ireland. Home is in the lovely Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, with its deep Celtic heritage and wonderful coastal scenery. Huw Riden is a member of the Journeying team, ace photographer and an ordained minister in the Anglican Church.

ISBN: 978-1-5272-9591-9
Number of pages in the publication: 54