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Journeying Poetry Competition

Journeying Poetry Competition

Wednesday 26th January 2022

Here are three more poems from our inaugural poetry competition where we welcomed poems inspired by a pilgrim-journey to one or other of the Christian pilgrimage sites of Britain and Ireland, or by a longing to undertake that journey.

By Yvonne Dixon

Together we walk in step with the waves
With horizon eyes and breeze-rinsed ears,
Speaking slows to the pace of the heart,
Prayer paths transform our longings and fears,
Thoughts now follow the rhythm of the soul.
I see you anew each day, Pilgrim Friend,
Adjust first impressions, appreciate gifts,
Filled with thanks as this journey draws to its end.

Kevin of Glendalough
By Michael Mitton

Gentle Kevin,
Few heard your footsteps in the forest
As you searched for your place of prayer.
You came to your mountain like an evening mist;
Mystery hung in the valley
While poetry rose in your soul.
Young mystic, dark-battling, light-releasing saint
You settled in your quiet soil
As autumn leaves brushed the lips
That quivered in devotion.

Sweet Jesus,
May I too find my high places of prayer;
Give me the grace to live with the shadows of God
And let holy mists of glory
Rise in praise to my most dear Creator.

North Wales Pilgrim Journey
By Sarah Burgess-Parker

We are pilgrims, on our journey,
Side by side, sometimes alone,
Walking, talking, often silent,
Out in the wild or sitting at home.

We decided to walk a pilgrim way,
Holywell to Aberdaron, in prayer, each day,
Visiting churches, time to sit and stare,
Sunshine and rain and the wind in our hair.

In the ice-cold water of Winifrede's well,
I was healing the hurt, too painful to tell,
A stranger's hand reached out in love,
As she sang of God's wonder, I felt warmth from above.

Each day, with God as we journeyed along,
In prayer, meditation, writing and song,
In churches and fields and rocks by the sea,
Watching and listening, what a pilgrim should be.

Our scallop shells bouncing on the back of our packs,
Lead to chats with the people we met, on the tracks
The kindnesses shown, so moving, so caring,
God's presence in others, sent our hearts soaring.

I felt stronger and surer of God's love for me,
As we watched together, the sun set on the sea,
Listening in peace to the sound of the swell,
We clasped hands and knew, that all shall be well,

Our last day climbing, to the mountain top,
Bardsey before us, we sat on a rock,
Praying for pilgrims who have gone before us,
A feeling of wonder made us so joyous.

Aberdaron at last and St Hywyn's church,
Tears of exhaustion and joy as we search,
For the words to describe this journey's ending,
Giving prayers of thanks, another beginning.