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Twenty Years of Journeying

Twenty Years of Journeying

Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Steve Evemy

Twenty years ago, my wife saw an advert in the Church Times for a trip to Saint Kilda. She knew that I had read about this remote place, and suggested that I book myself onto the trip. So, I did. Before then I had never been north of Edinburgh. I went with an old school-friend, and enjoyed the experience. That was my first contact with Journeying, then called Pilgrim Adventure.

The following year I took my older son, John, who was then 12, on a Journeying trip to SW Ireland. He still remembers climbing Skellig Michael, and seeing the puffins scurrying to their burrows within a few feet of us, as do I. Thus, I began travelling once every year with Journeying, and I became a volunteer leader after a few years. I have enjoyed sharing the company of so many good people over the years in out-of-the way places, while other volunteer leaders have become good friends.

Since I retired a couple of years ago, or escaped from the wearisome routine of paid employment, as I think of it, I have had the freedom to do more things. In 2021 I plan to help lead one Journeying trip: The Cumbrian Cistercian Way (that's in England, I think.) It would have been more but we've given ourselves a later than usual start to the season, allowing time for the Covid-19 vaccine to properly embed. I look forward to meeting more people from a variety of Christian traditions, and to sharing a small part of the road with them.