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Friday 29th January 2021
David Harkell

Sky azure, faintest breeze,
Golden twilight orb lies low;
Rays too weak to lift the freeze,
Woods beclothed in orange glow.

Rigid, sombre, naked trees,
Rooted under layers of time;
Branches covered once with leaves,
Unprotected now from rime.

Crispy grass, crunchy mud,
Stagnant streams in ditches dim.
Fields stark drenched by flood,
Scarce a bird on perch or wing.

Glistening cobwebs, clodded earth,
Ploughed-up furrows creviced deep.
Silvery haze of moonlight's birth,
Shimmering beams inducing sleep.

Murky mere in forest glade,
Surface masking hidden bed.
Shadows lurk as daytime's fade
Cedes to dusk's encroaching tread.

Sinking 'neath the pink horizon,
Solar halo ebbs away;
Darkness spreads his mantle iron,
Night arriving, fleeing day.

Paling embers slowly die,
Wispy clouds exchanging hue.
Twinkling stars catching eye,
Sprinkled heavens' generous strew.

Eerie silence steals, becalms;
Echoes past of hectic bustle.
Stillness casts her gentle charms,
Easing inner, tensive tussle.

Blackness lays his mood forlorn,
Cloaked in dragging hours dead.
Spirits long for rising dawn,
Seeking narrow path ahead.1

Flares of revelation's flame,
Warmth of true affection kind.
Wisdom's luminescent gain,
Transformation kindling mind.2
Light resplendent saves the world,3
Triumph over fiend and foe;4
Devil's evil powers furled,
Healing won for every woe.

Son of God in sovereign might
Quashed the enemy's wicked schemes;
Vanquished, slain with forceful smite.5
Heaven's radiant, blazing gleams

Unsurpassed in glory shine,
Brighter than the sun we see.6
Honour, worship, mercy Thine,
Ringing through infinity!7

1. Matthew 7.14
2. Romans 12.2
3. John 8.12
4. Colossians 2.15
5. 1 John 3.8
6. Revelation 21.23
7. Revelation 7.11-12

Evensong, by David Harkell, from his collection 'Divine Loves'.
Copies available direct from David: