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Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael

Friday 11th December 2020
David Gleed

The Skellig Isles lie eight miles off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland. For years, Skellig Michael, the larger of the two adjacent islands, was home to perhaps the most isolated Christian community the world has ever known...

Journeying has travelled to Skellig Michael on several occasions. We recently re-discovered this poem written following our visit in 2004.


Mysterious Skellig, awesome rock,
Atlantic force for thy embrace -
Today to me your strength unlock
To share with saints of old, your face.
Great Skellig!

O wondrous Skellig, living rock
Adorned with flowers of vibrant hue,
Where sea birds for their nesting flock
And God still speaks - with words anew.
Great Skellig!

(Jennifer Smith. May 2004)

Image: Pilgrims climbing skyward on Skellig Michael.