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Wild Wet Wasteland

Wild Wet Wasteland

Sunday 19th April 2020
Janet Wilkes

Beyond the wild wet wastead's thicket
There was a garden, a river, flowers, grasses and fruit trees and a young
Couple who took wing and flew away,

Now, we need gardens more than ever
To reflect, relax and recover,
To return to paradise and to
Be alone in Eden - to be home
To think about our journeying and
What caused the sudden expulsion from
All we knew and about our returning to the old familiar place.

Was it youth or ignorance or pride
That led us, when young, so far away?
Or were we just misadvised before
We were wafted on sultry air to
Hard places where God showed us what life
Is like for many people - hungry,
Dispossessed and alone - beyond the
Eastern cherubim that guards Eden?

Beyond that wild wet wasteland's thicket
There is STILL a garden, a river, grass,
trees and bushes, knolls and dells where we can
Go to relax and dance together
And pick wild flowers to put in our hair
And eat fruit from the trees - undisturbed!