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Sounds of Silence in Spain

Sounds of Silence in Spain

Monday 6th April 2020
Sue Peachey

As you will know from my previous blog my husband and I live in Almeria, Spain and as I write we have been told that the lockdown period to prevent the spread of coronavirus has been extended to the end of April. We are lucky enough to have a garden but others who live in apartments only have a balcony, which is very difficult for them as in Spain we are not allowed out for exercise as in the UK. However, if you have a dog you are allowed to walk it each day and luckily we have two, so we are a lot better off than some others.

What I have noticed most when walking around the rural area in which we live is the silence. However, it is not totally quiet. I have become aware of the birds singing, which they always did of course but now seem much louder. I hear the sound of the trees being blown in the breeze and the twigs and leaves rustling beneath my feet. The wild flowers that grow by the roadside are so colourful. In normal everyday life we often do not notice these things and I feel very close to our Creator God as I become more aware of the wonderful life all around me.

Occasionally I will see a tractor in the distance in one of the fields, as they are essential and therefore allowed to continue working. No cars come along the road, no planes fly overhead and nobody is moving around. It is actually very calming and I find myself looking forward to my dog walking each day. I am reminded of the words of the hymn:- "Be still for the presence of the Lord, the Holy One, is here."

I hope that I will still appreciate these things when life eventually gets back to normal - I have a feeling that I will.