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New Partnership in Ireland with Waterford Camino Tours

New Partnership in Ireland with Waterford Camino Tours

Tuesday 1st October 2019
Iain Tweedale

We're delighted to announce a new partnership with Waterford Camino Tours. The partnership will bring new joint holidays in Ireland and Wales, with the first - the Irish Camino Experience - already scheduled for 22nd-27th March (see our Journeys 2020 page for more details).

Waterford Camino Tours is run by Phil and Elaine Brennan. Phil is a nationally celebrated Musical Director, with a PhD in Spirituality and his wife Elaine has a backgound in music and catering. Together they founded Waterford Camino Tours to connect people to something deeper on the inside which is key to being able to overcome the challenges that life throws at us.

Phil has been an advocate of social justice over the past few decades. During his time as teacher in the Ursuline, Waterford, Phil founded the St. Angela's Peace and Justice group, encouraging his students to be a voice for those who are voiceless in the world. East Timor, Burma, Northern Ireland, Waterford... wherever people lay hidden in the shadows, the students put a spotlight on their plight and articulated the need for change. He and Elaine love their work with the Dublin High Hopes Choir, a homeless choir that encourages people once silenced to find their voice through music.

In recent years, Phil completed a PhD on looking at how people at the grassroots can be a force for change in the world. His thesis looked at a new vision of Church drawing its inspiration from oppressed countries in Latin America. Empowering people to take steps towards their own liberation is something Phil feels passionately about. Dr. Phil published his book... 'In the hands of the people - a new vision of Church' in 2015.

Phil is founder and musical director of the Island of Ireland Peace Choir. Formed 20 years ago this month, the choir has brought its own unique sound to places synonymous with persecution near and far... from Auschwitz, to the battlefields of Messines to Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami. Phil and Elaine have created their own special Camino experience in Ireland's South East that weaves in music, reflection, the great outdoors and time to connect to something within. These steps off the beaten track in Ireland will leave imprints that will last a lifetime.

We plan to run at least three holidays together in 2020, in Ireland, in Wales and one across both countries linked together with Tall Ship that will sail across the Irish Sea with our guests retracing the pilgrim route from Ireland to St Davids.