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Limericks from the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland

Limericks from the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland

Monday 5th August 2019
Paddy Allen and guests


A talented group of Journeyers came together on the Isle of Cumbrae recently and penned the following limericks for your enjoyment!

The forecasters said it would rain
Every day of the week we were stayin'
But the fact that the sky
Remained every day dry
Was of course on account of our prayin'.

To Paddy and Rosemary too
We offer a big thank you
For a wonderful stay
On the Isle of Cumbrae
And for making our wishes come true.

When Andrew emerged from the sea
Blood was streaming all down from his knee.
It was bandaged with care
By a maiden so fair
And Andrew went off with great glee.

A lady on a bike ride said
That her buttocks had died.
She looked in dismay
As her kids rode away.
'De breach' to her in pity we cried.
An approximation of a Gaelic commiseration

We all met and sat on the ferry.
In chatting became quite merry
We lost sense of time:
Quick, get into line
Said the ferryman in quite a fury.

We sat in the caff
Having a laff.
Our leader came by
And gave a loud cry:
Your time-keeping's really quite naff!

Three ladies stood in a queue
Wondering what they should do,
Then they pushed at the door,
Nearly fell on the floor:
No one was there in the loo.

Early starts and buffet teas
Journeys over Scottish seas,
Ferries, buses, walking too
Lots of planning here to do.
No Waverley -oh, such a tease!

There was a dear lass from Penzance
Who came to a beach and, by chance,
On the feast of St James
Found best scallop remains
Our labyrinth walk to enhance

Cumbrae Haiku
Midges, wasps, clegs,
Grazes, blisters, lost sticks:
The joys of Scotland!