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Way of St David

Way of St David

Monday 24th June 2019
Iain Tweedale

Today we saw the spectacular coastline on the Way of St David and I was reminded of these beautiful words:

By his word the heavens were made, by the breath of his mouth all the stars. He collects the waves of the ocean; he stores up the depths of the sea. (John 1:3)

This passage demonstrates how it is as impossible to comprehend God as it is to count all the waves on the ocean or the stars in the sky. This seems particularly apt on the Way of St David as it is such a good place to sit and observe both. There is no better place to observe the waves as they come from the Irish Sea. To watch this infinity is to look in awe and to observe the unknowable mystery. All we can do is accept this amazing gift and look into this infinity in the hope of unity with it if only we knew how. And then the means of unity becomes visible as this is also place where it is possible to feel the presence of Jesus, in our prayer and through the people we walk with. Jesus spent much of his ministry on long walks from Galilee to Jerusalem. Through the shared experience of walking we can identify with him as a person making it possible to comprehend at least a little of the incomprehensible mystery of an infinite and unquantifiable God. Through faith in Jesus the path into this wider mystery opens up ahead.