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Arrival at St Davids

Arrival at St Davids

Friday 28th June 2019
Iain Tweedale

We have arrived at St Davids, the destination of our pilgrimage. We have walked 100km and felt a great accomplishment, as much as from the journey and time together as the destination at the shrine to St David, St Patrick and St Andrew. A poem of St David seems appropriate:

St. David's Pilgrimage:

Sea and sky before you lie,
this earth beneath your trusting feet,
God lifted from the Ocean bed marks clear the way.
In heritage of ancient days your Pilgrimage goes forth
vibrating to a song of known endeavour
to quicken every heart and mind.
These myriad years our Ancient Land has known
and Treasure made, we now absorb.
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of all these things, born of thy Mighty Hand,
whose shadow bright across our present path,
where all the saints, living still, lend strength to faltering step and aching mind,
whose Truth all men shall know in courage of the Cross so bravely born.
Here where our path seaward winds,
dark against the wild Atlantic surge,
shapes as of men in height quite other Saint David and St Teilo stand.
Welcome to us they give, this day as memories' flames ride high his church to burn, on land he Hallowed.
The Soul, the Spirit's Life,
both His and ours you cannot so destroy,
come build again, and yet again
the Truth these centuries have wrought,
through lives long gone,
live on in us, footsteps line the sacred path we take,
St David's Way, within his long endeavour beneath the glowing shadow of the cross we walk,
Heads held high, the Golden light of joy within our hearts.

Ray Howard Jones