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A Hesitant Start

A Hesitant Start

Monday 17th June 2019
David Gleed

Thirty years ago, today...

Saturday June 17th 1989 and a small group gather in the evening light at a remote hillside chapel on the fringe of the Snowdon mountains. A little over a year from its founding the first Journeying (then Pilgrim Adventure) pilgrims were about to set off along the pilgrim's way.

The following morning, I waved the group off and watched them for a while as they made their way across the parched grass and down the narrow valley, east of the great cone-shaped hill that had sheltered us the night before. "Keep the hill to your right" a helpful bystander called. It was a fine mid-summer day, sure to get hot before we rendezvoused again at camp number two, some eight miles due south.

A short while later and as I packed tents and made ready to travel to our meeting place, I saw the group coming toward me, 'keeping the hill to their right!'

Photograph: Llangelynin Old Church (the hillside chapel) by Brian Pritchard