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Pilgrim (a new poem from the Divine Loves collection)

Pilgrim (a new poem from the Divine Loves collection)

Sunday 2nd June 2019
David Arkell


Wondering where it may be found -
Space we long to call a home;
Nest in which the self unbound
Truly feels its essence own.

Searching often far and wide,
Ceaseless quest for restful dell;
Put the bitter trials aside,
Calm the soul's disturbing well,

Seek the stillness of the core,
Inner sanctum's deep tranquillity;
Learn to shut the outer door
Barring shallow superfluity.

Striding up to giddy heights,
Mountain peak and coastal scene -
Preview of celestial sights,
Frisson pure, vista serene;

Beauty on such stunning scale,
This could be Elysium's field,
Were it not for human wail,
Cleaving sword of conflict's wield.

Here we have no resting place,1
Just a worldly passing-through;
Fragile body, name and face
Closely known by precious few.

Never fully comprehended,
Lonely in the secret parts;
Wanting needs left unattended,
Minds unblossomed, broken hearts.

Looking for the real abode,
Where that lies who can say?
Wandering nomad on the road,
Find this jewel's glinting ray.

Way and Truth,2 living Word,3
He for us the journey made,
Resolute and undeterred.4
Firm foundation, readied, laid,

Splendid mansion, rooms profuse
Primed for us His offspring.5
Coming home from toil and bruise,6
Welcomed by the Father-King;

Folded in His warm embrace,
Final dwelling, land secure;
Life eternal,7 house of grace,
Peace surpassing ever sure.8

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This is a taster of a new book of poems by David Arkell, a regular guest on Journeying holidays. You can download more free samples from the book here and if you would like to buy a copy of the complete book please contact David at The cost is £6.50 including post and packaging with all proceeds going to the The Bible Society.