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Llandaff Cathedral

Llandaff Cathedral

Saturday 30th March 2019
David Arkell

Stately towers of grandeur fine
Framing noble, weighty doors;
Offering pilgrims restful pause
Down the centuries' coursing time.

Enter now this hallowed place,
Let the outside world subside;
Worries and fears allayed; abide.
Feel the moment, present space.

Vast dimensions, spacious scope,
Tombs encasing history's bones;
Massive columns, ancient stones
Built by labourers' concrete hope.

Air with incense sweet imbued,
Portly arches stretching high;
Windows stained in motley dye,
Dimness strange of light subdued.

Choir's wafty tones ascend,
Sonorous notes of pipes ornate;
Haunting chants and psalms elate,
Harmony's striking colours blend;

Range of pitch from depth to height,
Resonant echo, glorious sound;
Vibrant expansion, fullness round,
Glimpsing angels' chorus white.

Rousing hymns, spirits raised,
Minds infused with inspiration;
Joined in chords of exultation,
Christ our Lord, His name be praised!

Inspired by a visit to Llandaff Cathedral on my first holiday with
Journeying in August 2015.