Walk grading

Our aim is to enable you to choose the holiday that is right for you so we hope that you find the following information useful. Exploring the outdoors is all part of the Journeying holiday experience. On most holidays this will include walking or hiking each day. The walk pace is relaxed with time to look at the view and soak up the atmosphere. Some of the walks are longer and over rough ground. These are clearly highlighted and the journey leaders reserve the right to determine the ability of guests to complete the walks and will offer an alternative if a guest is not able to keep at the pace of the group.

We aim to make clear below how we grade our walks. Do please take these into account when booking. Journeying uses two parameters when describing the overall level of difficulty of walks on a particular holiday: Length and Terrain. Within each parameter there are three grades.


Grade Length
Short Maximum 3 miles
Medium Maximum 7 miles
Long Usually no more than 10 miles


Grade Terrain
Easy Fairly flat and mainly on defined paths.
Moderate Some rocky or steep sections
Challenging Some big hills (maximum ascent usually no more than 2000 feet/610 metres), rocky sections and off-path sections that could be difficult underfoot
Challenging Plus Off-path mountain tops

We describe both the maximum level of difficulty of walks on the holiday (this will appear on the summary page of the holiday section) and the maximum level of difficulty for each individual walk; this information appears with each holiday details. Walks are shown as e.g. Medium & Moderate indicating medium length and moderate terrain.

Do contact the holiday leader if you would like further advice.

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